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A lot of us want to know how different a loan guarantor is to a cosigner. This may not be an easy to figure out that we can just find answers to this, but if you look at it generally, they each both have differences and similarities.

The Legalities

With legalities, you can actually see how similar a loan guarantor is to a co-signer in a way that when your other cosigner is not able to make the necessary payments that needed to be done, you will also be entitled with the consequences what should the other co-signer should be receiving as the result of his action.

What do the banks tell you?

Any kind of loan utilizes a co-signer, may it be a credit or not, with the use of mortgages, loans like secured, unsecured, and business, or credit cards. Unfortunately, a lot of people are basically unaware that taking out a loan by yourself without alerting the other person that you are connected with could possibly affect him, whether greatly or minimally.

Who it affects?

In this case, you will ponder about who are these people that could be more or less likely affected by this. The answer to this question can be alarming. Those who will be affected are the banks, lenders, even your husband or wife who are in link with you if you decide on your own and didn't know who to consult to who is knowledgeable in this field or you may have no knowledge about it and that you stick to what you think is right.


The distinct characteristic of a loan guarantor from a cosigner is that there is no link with you regarding their finances. For instance, the shipping address would be in their location and not yours.

Upfront Information

The upsides of loan guarantors are all about giving the required or the significant information directly like the legal liabilities and the people affected when someone doesn't pay or has ceased to do so. This may increase hesitancies and fear in getting a loan guarantor, but then again, there will be no future problems that will arise if you choose a company that tells the sole truth straightforward which could also be useful and beneficial on your part.